iCoustic Features

The iCoustic system was created to add more power and tone to the acoustic guitar and to add greater versatility by allowing you to attach your guitar to a multitude of new portable digital devices.

The mini-portable guitars are a perfect fit for the iCoustic system. The various modes detailed below show you how you can get BIGGER SOUND and more options from your MINI ACOUSTIC GUITAR. Only iCoustic has this patented* technology.

iCoustic Mode- Self Amplification

Your high quality mini acoustic guitar will sound and feel like a full size jumbo guitar. Simply flip the switch and you will hear and feel the difference.

MP3 Mode iPod

The digital revolution enables you to carry 10,000 songs in your iPod. Your mini acoustic guitar can now be the portable speaker for all of those songs and you can even jam along with them.

Pro Mode: Boss Micro BR

Attaching a Boss Micro BR or other portable recording or effects device allows you to enjoy the full capabilities of the iCoustic system. You can record, playback or add multiple effects using only the guitar. No external amplifier or speaker required. This is truly a quantum leap in the acoustic guitar's ability to be extremely versatile in the digital age. A singer/songwriters dreams come true. Record and playback anywhere-anytime.

Effects Pedal Mode:

You can use all your favorite effects pedals without the need for an amp or P.A. system

Duet Mode: Two Guitars Connected Together and MORE

Double your pleasure and versatility with the DUET MODE. You can connect two or more guitars together using a
standard guitar cable. You will hear AND feel the other guitar playing inside YOUR guitar!